在地圖上,其實找不到「雙濱(Shuangbin)」這個地名,它實際上是花蓮(Hualien County)最南端的豐濱(Fengbin Township)和臺東(Taitung County)最北端的長濱(Changbin Township)合而為一的暱稱。這裡沒有火車經過,開車從花蓮市區到豐濱,要一小時的車程,而從台東市區到長濱則要1.5小時。若搭火車到訪,最近的火車站在玉里(Yuli Railway Station),再開車或搭一天兩班的客運沿著玉長公路跨越海岸山脈(Coastal Mountains Range),則需要40分鐘車程才抵達長濱市區。


喜歡戶外海洋體驗的你,可以到石梯坪(Shitiping)參加潮間帶生態導覽、浮潛、潛水、划獨木舟,甚至淨灘淨海;喜歡手做工藝的你可以預約香蕉絲、苧麻等編織課程,或是走訪海岸線沿線的大地藝術節作品;喜歡原住民文化的你,不妨走進貓公(Fakong tribe)、港口(Makotaay tribe )、磯崎(Hatila tribe )或高山(Culiu tribe)……等部落,學習與自然共處的在地智慧,並且來一餐最道地的風味餐。


歡迎你來到雙濱,從觀光轉向慢活,跟著在地人享受雙濱生活趣 !

You cannot find Shuangbin on a map. It is actually a nickname for an area combining two places- Fengbin Township, located at the south tip of Hualien County, and Changbin Township, Taitung County’s top north site. No trains run through here. It requires one-hour drive by car from downtown Hualien City to Fengbin, and it takes 1.5 hours from Taitung City to Changbin. The nearest train stop is at Yuli Railway Station. From there, you can drive for forty minutes along the Yuchang Road that leads you to cross the Coastal Mountains Range to reach Changbin or you can take a bus that runs twice a day on the same route.   

The relatively inconvenient transportation hinders industrial development and imposes a challenge for population loss. On the other hand, it helps Shuangbin reserve its natural environment and a serene life style. People get attached to this place. In recent years, some get deeply attracted to Shuangbin and move there to start a new chapter of their life. Several aboriginal youths who were born here brought home their experiences elsewhere and merge themselves again into their motherland and culture. These people’s personality, experiences, and dreams intertwine with the land and compose various unpretentious yet charming stories. Come to travel at Shuangbin. You will not only get a chance to cleanse your lungs but also to share local life and culture with the residents. This is the best way to get truly intrigued.

If you like water activities, you can go to Shitiping for an ecology guided tour in the intertidal zones; snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, or even helping clean up the beach and ocean are recommended as well. For handcraft enthusiasts, you can reserve a class for weaving banana fiber and ramie, or you can visit the art crafts along the costal line, part of the exhibition of East Coast Land Arts Festival. In case you want to learn more about the aboriginal culture, places such as Fakong tribe, Makotaay tribe, Hatila tribe and Culiu tribe are your go-to spots. You can grasp the local knowledge of cohabiting with nature and enjoy the most authentic aboriginal cuisine.

Or, you can just wander around the streets, strolling in vibrant morning markets. You can also visit characteristic stores- independent bookstores that various professionals host, bistros full of laughter, homey restaurants, cafes with affectionate cats. You are also welcomed to chat with owners of fruit and grocery stores. Of course, you have the option to do nothing. Just walk or watch the mountains and ocean all day long, indulging yourself into happiness of no itinerary and unarranged serendipity.

Welcome to Shuangbin! It offers not only sightseeing but also a simple living lifestyle. Locals are gladly inviting you to enjoy here with them!





8101       台東(經火車站)→成功→靜埔 http://www.ddb333443.com/      

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8181       玉里→寧埔→成功 http://www.ddb333443.com/

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